German-Bulgarian technical translations by qualified specialist translators


Language combinations for translations involving Bulgarian:

  • Bulgarian to German
  • German to Bulgarian
  • English to Bulgarian
  • Bulgarian to English

Eisenmann Translations provides technical translations by qualified, experienced specialist translators of Bulgarian in all technical fields.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Bulgarian into their mother tongues (Bulgarian or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The Formation of Bulgarian

Bulgarian is an East Slavic language of the Indo-European language goup. It has 7.3 million native speakers in Bulgaria, and 1.7 million native speakers in other countries including the Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Republic of Moldavia and Greece.

The earliest written records of Bulgarian originate from the 9th Century CE, and are written in the Glagolitic alphabet. This was to change to the Cyrillic alphabet, however. As writings in other languages were translated into Bulgarian in the past in order to convert them into text form and bring them to other countries, Bulgaria can be seen as the country in which the cornerstone of Slavic Orthodox society was laid.

There are many Turkish words which have been adopted into Bulgarian, and which are frequently used in the spoken language. The Bulgarian government has attempted to replace these with borrowed Russian words, but it has so far been to no avail.


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