German-Chinese technical translations by qualified specialist translators


Language combinations for technical translations involving Chinese:

  • Chinese to German
  • German to Chinese
  • English to Chinese
  • Chinese to English

We offer technical translations of Chinese by experienced translators specialising in all technical fields, including mechanical engineering, information technology, electronics and data sheets.

Our native speaker principle means that we only allow translators of Chinese to work into their mother tongues, thus ensuring the highest possible quality of translation.

The minimum price for a Chinese translation is €60, excluding VAT.

The Background of Chinese

Chinese is a subgroup of the Sino-Tibetan languages and is the most well-known member of this language group.

Chinese has been subjected to so many external influences over its 3,000-year long history that there are probably several languages absorbed inside it. Chinese is not one language, rather a range of various ‘dialects’ which are at least as dissimilar to one another as the Romance languages. This leads most linguists to speak of the ‘Sinitic languages’. Chinese is now recognised by linguists as a group of six languages.

In practice, it would be almost impossible for a Mandarin speaker to understand a Cantonese speaker, for example. The only possible means of communicating is the standard Chinese language P?t?nghu?, and the Chinese script which is used all across China, which can be understood since it is a logographic script independent of pronunciation rules. On a regional level, variations can exist due to the influences of the various ‘dialects’.

Chinese Today

There are estimated to be 1.2 billion native speakers of Chinese in the world today. Most of these people live in China (the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan), but a large number also live in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Chinese is, therefore, an official language in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Mandarin is by far the most commonly spoken and widely spread variant of of Chinese, with 850 million native speakers.

Alongside Mandarin Chinese there are Gan (20 million speakers), Hakka (30 million speakers), Jinyu (45 million speakers), Min Mei (10 million speakers), Min Nan (40 million speakers), Wu (inc. Shanghainese, ca. 77 million speakers), Xiang (36 million speakers) und Yue (Cantonese, over 80 million speakers).

It is widely accepted that the influence of Chinese is growing alongside Chinese exports around the world. As the ‘tiger economy’ and the country’s population continues to grow, so will the importance of the language.


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