German technical translations by qualified specialist translators


We provide technical translations by specialist native speaker translators of German in all technical fields including IT, medicine, engineering, automotive parts, electronics and operating instructions.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators, as per our native speaker principle.

German Today

German is an Indo-Germanic language. Together with Dutch, Frisian, Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese, it forms the Germanic language group. German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and is an official regional language in East Belgium and Italy (South Tyrol). In addition, German is a minority language in France, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Siberia, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Croatia, the Republic of Moldova, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Linguistic enclaves also exist in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia, Namibia and in the Republic of South Africa. German is the mother tongue of approximately 101 million people, and is spoken by an approximate total of 222 million people. This means that German is ranked as the 9th most commonly spoken language in the world.

There are between 300,000 and 500,000 words in today’s German vocabulary, not including various dialects and teminologies. German is therefore one of the most verbose languages in the world.

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