German-Hungarian technical translations by qualified specialist translators


Language combinations for technical translations involving Hungarian:

  • Hungarian to German
  • German to Hungarian
  • English to Hungarian
  • Hungarian to English

Eisenmann Translations provides technical translations by specialist translators of Hungarian in all subject areas including science, industry, electronics and manufacturing.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Hungarian into their mother tongues (Hungarian or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The Development of Hungarian

The earliest written records of Hungarian date back to the 9th Century, at which time the Magyars used Hungarian runic lettering.

There have been several different attempts at proving the origins of Hungarian. This has led to Hungarian often being classed as a Turkish language, the jusification for which being that both languages are agglutinative and based on vocal harmonies. Even the word ‘Hungar’ is linked to the term ‘Onogur’ given to Hungary by the Slavs. However, the difference to Hungary’s own designation - Magyar - is striking.

In the 12th Century in Hungary, the myth (Hunor and Magor) spread that the population was descended from the Huns. This, however, is not actually the case. It would be more prudent to assume a general Hungarian migration with the Huns and Goths. Other peoples in this mix did not make the effort to differentiate between these peoples, instead labelling them ‘Huns’. The name ‘Atilla’ remains a common choice for Hungarian males.

Hungarian contains very few similarities to the Indo-European languages, and therefore at first glance appears difficult to learn. This has allowed Hungary to preserve its cultural autonomy (to an extent) despite being subjected to multiple foreign rules (e.g. Austria) throughout its history.

Hungarian is an official language in Hungary and the European Union (Hungary became a Member State on 1st May 2004). This has led to Hungarian growing in importance on a European level.


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