German-Indonesian technical translations by qualified specialist translators


Language combinations for technical translations involving Indonesian:

  • Indonesian to German
  • German to Indonesian
  • English to Indonesian
  • Indonesian to English

Our experienced translators of Indonesian specialise in all technical fields including industrial processes, electrical engineering, medical procedures and IT.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Indonesian into their mother tongues (Indonesian or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The History of Indonesian

Indonesian has been subjected to many influences over history. It has been influenced by Sanskrit 2000 years ago, by Arabic in the 1200s and by a range of European languages from the 1500s. A number of Dutch terms were adopted into Indonesian when the Netherlands began its colonial rule in the 19th Century, and the Latin alphabet closely followed. After Indonesia regained its independence from the Dutch, an even larger number of terms was adopted into Indonesian from the languages of Indonesia’s neighbouring islands, especially Javanese.

This history of external influences is what divides Indonesian and Malay. Malay was also exposed to many external influences, but these from India and Arabic. Malay was even written to a great extent in Arabic characters from the 1300s.

Indonesian finally became an official langage in Indonesia in 1945. However, Indonesian remains the second language of the majority of Indonesians, with regional languages taking precedence. Indonesian was for a long time merely a compulsory subject in schools in Indonesia. Today, however, the only language of education is Indonesian, although at home and in everyday society the regional languages are still normally the preferred means of communication.


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