German-Italian technical translations by qualified specialist translators


Language combinations for technical translations involving Italian:

  • Italian to German
  • German to Italian
  • English to Italian
  • Italian to English

All Italian technical translations are carried out by experienced native speakers specialising in all technical fields, including IT, computer programming, medical machinery, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

We apply our native speaker principle to all our work to ensure the best possible quality of translation.

For translations of financial, legal and general texts into and from Italian, please visit our sister site.

The minimum price for an Italian translation is €30, excluding VAT.

Background Information

Italian is an Eastern Romance language of the Indo-European language group.

Italian is spoken by approximately 70 million native speakers, most of whom reside in Italy. Italian is also spoken as a second native language, or as a closely related foreign language, by groups of people such as the Sardinians, the Friulians and the South Tyroleans.

Italian is effectively a foreign language even at home for the South Tyroleans, the Albanian ethnic minority and other groups such as the Slovenians in the lowlands of Monfalcone.

Italian is also an official language in San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City.

Beyond its national borders, Italian (or one of its dialects) is spoken in the following regions: the Swiss cantons Ticino and Grissons, Corsica, Istria, Dalmatia (especially in Split (ancient Spalato) where the older inhabitants are mostly still bilingual), the Principality of Monaco (the Monegasques, like the inhabitants of San Remos, speak a language variant which is closer to provincial Italian than to “Florentine” Italian) and Nice.

Modern Italian developed from the Tuscan dialect. The Florentine dialect was eventually established as the national language after targeted language policies were introduced in the 19th Century.


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